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Traffic chokeholds. Stores shuttered. Neighborhoods swamped.


The impacts of the proposed rapid bus from North Hollywood to Pasadena make

BRT: Bad for Burbank


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In October 2020, Metro released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for its North Hollywood-to-Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. The 18-mile project would run between the North Hollywood Red Line / Orange Line Station and the Gold Line in Pasadena, cutting through Burbank.

BRT is high-capacity bus transit with fewer stops than a traditional bus route. The stated goal is to connect Burbank residents to the broader Metro system.

Metro released the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) on March 25, 2022


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With parking removal, or “Curb Running,” now OFF THE TABLE, Metro’s new plan proposes removing travel lanes to add dedicated bus lanes on both sides of Olive Avenue solely for the purpose of BRT. This is known as “Side Running.” The resulting removal of travel lanes in both directions will turn Olive Avenue into a corridor of gridlock.

But… why do any of that when BRT could simply travel along the existing roadway… just like every other bus?


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Vision Burbank supports improving public transit. We support connecting Burbank residents and those who work in Burbank to the broader regional transit system. We even support many of the components of Metro’s NoHo-to-Pasadena BRT proposal.  HOWEVER….

We vehemently oppose removing half of our existing travel lanes along Olive Avenue solely to create dedicated lanes for BRT. Metro’s plan as proposed will inflict dire impacts on the economic viability of local businesses, and on the quality of life for adjacent homeowners, while grinding traffic to a stand-still.

Reducing the traffic flows for 2,200 cars per hour just to accommodate 6 buses per hour is BAD PLANNING.

1-min savings in travel time is not worth destroying Olive Ave!

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